The Best Snowman The South Shore Has Ever Seen!

Get your insider tips from the top snowman makers on the East Coast (bonus: how to pack an awesome snow-ball) 

There are few things that Bostonians do better than the rest of them. Football, education, and snowmen. All kidding aside, at JMF we’re in what is fast becoming our second busiest time of the year – the holidays. We’re known for our Canadian Balsam Fir Christmas Trees. Folks are driving from all over the South Shore to get these coveted, true holiday scented, long-lasting trees. To make sure your tree decorating is as awesome as possible please go to our TREE DECORATING BLOG. 


We admit, this one may not be it, but read on to learn the skills that pay the bills. 

There are certain days when the snowballs are perfect, the hills are ready for sleds, and the contest for the best snowman on the street is on! 


Think temperature and density, is the snow ready? You’ll want it a certain temp so that it sticks. You know it’s good if it’s easy to make a snowball. Wink wink..


Perfect the ball roll-out. Start by packing together a large snowball, start rolling it about, adding snow to it. Try to keep it fairly symmetrical. 

They say the perfect snowman has a 3 foot bottom, a 2 foot center, and a 1 foot head. Make them flat on the top it will be easier to stack the layers.


Whose hat and scarf do you use? Best to ask mom! Make sure you have extra carrot sticks in the house, and get sticks that look like arms. Don’t forget to use some creativity, you don’t need to follow the rules! 


You’ll want to ensure that you choose a spot that is flat and shaded. We don’t want your new friend melting too fast!


Did you know that humans have been building snowmen for thousands of years?

Did you know the record for the world’s largest snowman was set in 2008 in Bethel, Maine. The snow-woman stood 122 feet 1 inch in height.

Extra credit

If the snow is good for snowmen, it’s also good for snow balls. If you plan to have a friendly game you could also build out a barrier – or a snow wall – stock up on balls building snowball piles and prepare to win! 

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