Fast and Easy Landscaping Ideas For Planting and Mulching

Landscaping ideas abound at JMF landscaping. We put together a quick video of installing some mulch and plants in an arrangement that works equally well in the backyard or front yard.

Choose Your Plants

Planting plants are a labor of love and choosing them is bringing them into your family. To ensure a long and healthy life,  when choosing the plants to install in your backyard, you need to know what kind of care they need and whether your environment is best suited for them. Some plants require more sunlight than others, different nutrient and water demands, and so on. If you’re unsure, give us a call tell us at the JMF Landscaping Garden Center and Nursery about your backyard, and we can share some of our landscaping ideas.

Choose Your Work Area

First step is to choose your work area. To prep the area, pull the weeds and then dig out the grass with a shovel. Once this is completed, rake the top dirt until it’s clean and even.

Lay Out and Install Plants

Arrange the plants in the way you find most aesthetically pleasing and dig a nice hole where you want them. The rootball needs air and water to thrive so leave half inch to an inched exposed when you place it.  Cover the area evenly with mulch and all you have left is a nice watering.

Enjoy your garden! Hopefully this inspires you try different arrangements or if you just want a professional to handle it, you can contact us by calling or filling out the form to hear more of our landscaping ideas!

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