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Fall lawn care comes along with the changing seasons that are such a beautiful part of the New England experience. While the heat of summer gives way to cooler weather and the leaves begin to change. Consequently, proper fall lawn care necessitates a few simple tasks to take care of this time of year in order to ensure your yard is prepared for the winter.

Core Aerating and Seeding

First of all, every lawn should be aerated at least once a year. Seems like there are plenty of ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) methods available that make the task seem less intimidating, or you can simply reach out to JMF Landscaping for some turf management assistance.

Gas powered aerators have a circular drum in front and the is back loaded with hollow spikes. Our core aerator machines removes soil plugs up to 2.5″ below surface allowing water, seed and nutrients to make it below grade and consequently out of reach for birds and squirrels.

Aerator Options

JMF Landscaping’s turf management packages include core aerating and over seeding with the option of Turf Builder 28-0-6 Fertilizer and / or lime application. As a result these efforts strengthen your existing lawn while promoting new growth.

Tips for Successful Fall Lawn Care

  • Prior to aerating, use little flags to mark locations of sprinkler heads, shallow irrigation lines, septic lines and buried utilities. This step is especially relevant in order to mitigate potential damage to your property. The lawn should be cut on the lower side prior to your scheduled appointment. Most of all, the lawn areas should then be watered regularly to help ensure the new grass seed germinates into healthy green grass.

After Care for Aerated Lawns

  • After aerating your lawn, leave soil cores in place to decompose. These cores contain beneficial microorganisms that digest lawn thatch as a result. Running over them the next time you mow will break them up. Finally, do not mow for at least two weeks after seed application.

Fall Cleanup

In conclusion, with the leaves falling in Weymouth  we are flexible and can offer mid point cleanups in addition to a final fall cleanup, once all or most of the leaves are down. Our cleanup packages include the removal of leaves and branches, winterizing seasonal flowers, hedge trimming, gutter cleaning and final lawn mow. We also offer winterizer fertilizer installation which is based off of your lawn’s square footage.  JMF Landscaping can quickly and professionally manage your Fall cleanup and gutter cleaning needs.  Additionally, if you sign up for both receive a special package deal. Give us a call today. Serving Weymouth, Hingham, Braintree, Quincy and the rest of the south shore.

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