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Hedge Trimming FAQ

What is hedge trimming anyway?

As the winter ends and days get longer, the sun shines warmer, our bushes and shrubs grow bigger and need some maintenance so they don’t get out of control and cover your windows and doors. Hedge trimming requires the use of manual or electric clippers to snip leaves and branches that have outgrown their welcome to make your bushes look unruly and unkept. 

What are the best kind of hedges for privacy?

Hedges can provide privacy to your yard and some of the best varieties for blocking unwanted attention are Thujas, also known as arborvitaes. Arborvitaes have 5 main species:

  1. Thuja koraiensis is found in Korea. 
  2. Thuja occidentalis is an eastern arborvitae and found from Manitoba to Nova Scotia in Canada and the eastern United States, primarily the Northeast, Great Lakes and down to the mountain range of Appalachia. 
  3. Thuja plicata is found on the western side of the North American continent, growing from Alaska to San Francisco, California. 
  4. Thuja standishii is an arborvitae native to Japan.
  5. Thuja sutchuenensis is the arborvitae native to China but is very rare and hard to find growing in the wild. 

The species then breakdown into their respective varieties and some popular ones that grow fast and tall to create a wall of privacy in your yard are

  • Thuja American Pillar – these monsters grow large and fast.
  • Thuja Green Giant
  • Golden Arborvitae
  • Thuja Occidentalis Rheinhold 
  • Thuja Aurea Nana
  • Thuja Golden Globe

If you’re interested in adding some Thujas to your yard or starting new, we have tons of them in stock at the garden center that are best suited for the New England climate zone. 

If you already have Thujas, then you know that a good hedge trimming job is very valuable in the grand scheme of your investment because it enhances your property value. 

However, before you start cutting branches, there are some aspects of it you need to be aware of and consider.

What are some hedge trimming strategies?

You’re going to want to trim with smooth motions going from the bottom up while maintaining a strong balanced center of gravity. If your trimmer gets stuck and you lose your balance, you could easily be impaled. 

Hedge trimming is a lot of work, can I hire someone to come to my house? 

Yes we’d love to come help you! You’ll have to call to schedule an estimate because hedge trimming cost varies greatly depending on the size and the quantity of the hedges. 

Why is hedge trimming important?

Not only can unruly hedges devalue your property, the right styling can provide your own natural oasis while enhancing the yard’s trees, gardens, lawns, and hardscapes like patios, stairs, stonewalls, and sidewalks.  

When trimmed regularly, hedges can be formed into fences that line your property and there are many perennial options that remain green year round.

What do we look out for when we’re trimming?

Remember, we share nature with our woodland creature friends. Many of them make their homes in shrubbery surrounding our home. Before firing up the sharp blades of your hedge trimming machine, be sure to check for bird’s nests, squirrels, mice, snakes, rabbits, and most importantly…..wasp nests!

How often should you trim hedges? 

Hedges need to be trimmed 1-2 two times which usually land you in July and September.. How often your hedges need to be trimmed are determined by 4 factors:

  1. Species of hedge
  2. How much rain and sun they’ve received
  3. The time of year
  4. Your property needs

The best time to trim a hedge is usually before winter. This is because there is reduced humidity and that makes it harder for bacteria and pests to live on the leaves. There is also few leaves at this time so you can see what you’re cutting and eliminate areas that are too overgrown.

What are the best hedge trimmers?

The best trimmer in the marketplace for professionals is made by Stihl.

Stihl hedge trimming machine
Stihl Hedge Trimmer


How to be safe when trimming

Before you get started on the job, it’s best practices to review your work area for debris and other impediments. Hedge trimmers are an amazing device that exponentially expedite the efficiency of yard work but they can be very dangerous. Their sharp clippers can easily sever a bodily appendage and you must be very observant of where the clippers are. You should only be activating the clippers when you’re ready to cut branches. 

Make sure the bushes are clear of electrical wires. You don’t want to be a victim of natural selection. 

Review the shrubs for any dead branches because those can jam up and damage your hedge trimmer. 

Hedge trimmers generate lots of force and can propel sticks into unpredictable directions so you should always wear goggles to protect your eyes when trimming

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