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Before typing in landscaping services near me into your search bar, consider JMF Landscaping.  We provide a variety of landscaping services in Weymouth and the surrounding South Shore area.  We offer residential and commercial lawn maintenance, mulch installation, tree work, turf management, hedge trimming, fertilizer applications, spring and fall cleanups, and gutter cleaning.

Landscaping has never been so easy, just call us and let us do it.

Is Landscaping Essential?

Think about landscaping as an outdoor investment. Not only should it be functional and comfortable for you and your family, but it also has the ability to increase your home’s value by up to 15%.  Professional and well-planned landscaping can boost your home’s curb appeal—all while creating a new space for you and your family to enjoy. 

Landscaping is important because it can truly transform the look and feel of your South Shore, MA home or business.  A well-designed landscape can provide several benefits.

6 Reasons Why Landscaping Matters

  1. It boosts curb appeal. A well-landscaped yard isn’t just about flowers—it means that shrubs, accents, trees, and the condition of your lawn are also considered.  Not only does nice landscaping provide you with something to enjoy, but it gives your neighbors motivation to get their yard landscaped too! 
  2. It adds value to your home.  If you invest in your yard, you’re investing in something that will add value to your home—and not just financially. While landscaping might boost your property value by 10, 12, or even 15%, it also provides an additional place for you to connect with friends and family—and there’s nothing more valuable than that.
  3. It can provide a tranquil place.  While most of us think of tranquility inside of our homes, it’s important that we realize we can find peace and beauty outdoors too.  By investing in a professionally landscaped yard, you’re creating a comfortable and inviting place to relax in the comfort of your own yard.
  4. It preserves the natural environment.  As a local landscaping company committed to sustainable horticulture, we can help you create a landscape that brings together functionality, aesthetics, and native plants that help to support the natural environment. Even more importantly, we can help you establish a landscape that helps to conserve natural resources like water, air, and soil.
  5. It is energy efficient.  You may not realize it but a professionally landscaped yard has the possibility to reduce your energy costs.  By planting shade trees, you may be able to save on your summer air conditioning bills. In the winter, a windbreak might help to keep your house warm.  Proper landscaping edging ideas can also help with stormwater management—and with periods of flooding on the rise, this has never been more essential.
  6. It provides a higher quality of life.  Studies show that our mental health is improved when we’re surrounded by plants.  Being outside in a professionally landscaped yard can do wonders for our performance, concentration, and memory.  It can also reduce our stress levels and boost our immune systems.

Yard Landscaping and Your Garden

As one of the best landscaping companies in South Shore, we can cover all of your landscaping needs. JMF Landscaping offers a range of landscaping services that include landscape design, turf management, and commercial landscaping. There’s no project that’s too big or small for us!

Our talented group of landscape designers have the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of any homeowner or company.  We understand that an attractive and well-maintained landscape is important and we take aspects like maintenance requirements, color preferences, security, and design into consideration when working with you to create your dream landscape.

Once the landscape is established, we also offer maintenance services like mulch delivery, hedge trimming, spring and fall cleanup, and plantings.

As you’ll see in the video on this page, we’ve got landscaping ideas for every space and every budget. For DIY landscaping ideas and trends, check out this blog post!

Landscaping Companies Weymouth, Massachusetts

When you work with JMF Landscaping, we can combine your landscape design ideas with more than two decades of experience from our team. If you’ve been looking for landscaping companies on the South Shore, you’ll find unparalleled passion and expertise with JMF Landscaping. 

Best Landscaping Company Near You

How do we stand apart from other landscaping companies? Because we’re from the beautiful Massachusetts South Shore! We’re familiar with the environmental demands, native plants, and soil quality in the local area. Even more important, we’re in tune with the unique needs of our community.

Because we’re passionate about making the world a greener place, you’ll see our commitment to locally sustainable horticulture right away. If you’ve been asking yourself: “where can I find landscaping near me?”, look no further than JMF Landscaping. We’re a local business that’s committed to supporting our customers and our planet as a whole. 

Looking for affordable landscaping South Shore, Massachusetts? Don’t just take our word for our ability to supply it—here’s what a customer had to say:

“JMF Landscaping was able to transform my yard in Braintree from out of control plant growth to beautiful curb appeal in front and the summer oasis feel I hoped for in my back yard! Justin is great to work with, he talked me through design ideas, gave me great suggestions for plants, his pricing is fair for the work done and he and his team are reliable! Plus, he and his crew are very respectful and just plain nice!!” – Cynthia G. 

Your Search for “Landscaping Companies Near Me” is Over

Whether you need help with a design for a residential or commercial landscape or you’re in serious need of some maintenance landscaping services, we’re ready to help.  Our team can assist in every aspect of your landscaping needs and our combined passion and experience means that no landscaping goal is out of reach. 

A well-designed landscape is essential for health—both physically and mentally.  Done right, it can support a healthy environment too.  We’re ready to answer any and all questions you have about landscaping and we’re excited to help you achieve all of your landscaping dreams. 

So, contact us today if you’re ready to get started.  Together, we can make the South Shore, a greener place.

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